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Interne Keuken Radio 1

RADIO INTERVIEW (in Dutch) with Jan van den Berg about his show Oerknal Variaties (Big Bang Variations) in the radioprogramme Interne Keuken,  17 march 2018 (Radio 1; the fragment starts at about 15:00
Listen & view: Interview


An evening of film and debate at the Dutch Academy of the Arts.
On the 24th of September 2015 the Dutch Academy of the Arts organised an evening of film and debate about cross-fertilisation between art and science; Moderated by Jan van den Berg, performing artist and filmmaker.
WithL Lukas Timulak (dancer and choreographer), Ruben van Leer (filmmaker), Stan Bentvelsen (professor of experimental high-energy physics and Director of the National Institute for Subatomic Physics Nikhef), Martin Scheffer (professor of ecology, Wageningen University),
Patricia Pisters (professor of film studies, University of Amsterdam),
Barbara Visser (artist and chairperson of the Society of Arts),
Ivo van Vulpen (particle physicist, National Institute for Nuclear Physics and High Energy Physics), Ariane Koek (founder of Arts@CERN).

View the video registration: debate about art and science.


Higgs — Into the Heart of Imagination

direction: Hannie van den Bergh & Jan van den Berg (2012)
A documentray about the quest for the legendary Higgs particle.
Featuring i.a. Stan Bentvelsen (Nikhef), many CERN employees and
Nobel laureate Peter Higgs.
View: HIGGS – Into the Heart of Imagination

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The very first

a documentary (2010) about developmental biologist and stem cell researcher Hans Clevers (part 7 of The Magic of Science).
Watch: Als eerste

Video & audio fragments of (guest-) appearances

Any one needs any sand?|

De Interne Keuken (VRT Radio program)
Interview with Sven Speybrouck and Koen Fillet (photo)
about the theatre show OASE, in the VRT radioprogramma Interne Keuken
d.d. 11 february 2017.

Listen: “Any one needs any sand?”

Science Scores in the Theatre

© Photo Bram Saeys

The Dutch television program Een Vandaag (avro/tros) made a news item entitled Science Scores in the Theatre
; including impressions of my program Professors on Stage(edition of 11 okt 2015 in the Stadsschouwburg Utrecht)

See: Science Scores in the Theatre
  (starting at 12:42)


Summerhall Television

Jan Van den Berg talks about his show Higgs, featuring unique footage and live Q&As with experts, including Peter Higgs!”

See: Higgs — stand up physics


Huygens Suite

A small history of light ( … and thinking lightly)
A multi-disciplinary work of art, on the occasion of the opening ceremony of the new building of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Informatics at Radboud University Nijmegen on 8 May 2007; Inspired by the life and work of Christiaan Huygens (1629-1695)
In the presence of then Queen H. M. Beatrix of Orange.

See: Huygens Suite


Public Science Lecture by Professor Piet Mulders
Free University of Amsterdam (19 march 2014)

In this theater lecture, Piet Mulders, professor of theoretical physics at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, is in De Balie with theater maker Jan van den Berg and PhD student Sabrina Cotogno. Mulders tells about elementary particles and powers and Van den Berg accompanies him with stories about the lives of famous physicists and how he himself fell in love with the neutrino.

See: Public Science / prof. dr. Piet Mulders


The Majorana Particle (?)

© Photo: Martijn van Calmthout

Sound recording of a contribution to the KNAW mini-symposium
“What is the importance of the Majorana particle?” May 31, 2012

Listen: Majorana-column


Column at Soeterbeek Program

© photo: Soetrbeeck Program

Lecture by prof. dr. Nicolo de Groot: the Higgs Particle. The missing jig saw puzzle piece. After the lecture Nicolo de Groot talks to Luca Consoli and the audience. At the end Jan van den Berg provides a column —  7 March 2012
See: Soeterbeeck – column   — NB: the column starts at 01.22.50