Big Bang Variations

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In the media:
Volkskrant article (Martijn van Calmthout)
Review (Loek Zonneveld | Theaterkrant)
Interview (in Dutch) with Jan van den Berg in the Belgian Radio Programma Interne Keuken (VRT  Radio 1); starting at about 15.00

For your Gay Science Pleasure

The first day. The very first ever. A day without a yesterday. Just imagine.
How did that day start? Out of nowhere? With a big bang?

In Big Bang Variations Jan van den Berg and Jacq Palinckx play a thought and sound game with the question ‘when and how does something start: life, love, the universe?’ A duet of voice and guitar, thoughts and sounds, narration and music.
They focus on the big bang. Remember, the theory that everything came from nothing. A theory on which opinions differ. To say the least. Some even claim that it’s not true. And lets face it: a blast of 13.8 billion years ago, that no-one ever heard!?

For Big Bang Variations, Van den Berg and Palinckx witnessed remarkable experiments, spoke with supporters, opponents, and experts, and collected a wealth of interesting stories. Well-informed stories that soon have the spectator wondering whether this is still science or already fiction – or the other way round.

Jan van den Berg is an explorer extraordinaire. The expeditions he ventures upon do not so much take him to uncharted spots on the map of the world but to the limits of the naked eye and the naked intellect.  Previously, he made performances about i.a. elementary particles (Higgs) and sand grains (Oasis).

Jacq Palinckx is  a composer, guitarist and visual artist. Preferably all at once! He works at the intersection of improvised music, avant-rock and composed music. The main groups which he composes for and performes (performed) with are: Palinckx, Guus Janssen septet, Maarten Altena Ensemble, Beukorkest and Vlek.

Text and performance: Jan van den Berg
Music: Jacq Palinckx
Director: Dirk Groeneveld
Set Design: Hannie van den Bergh
Light Design: Gé Wegman
Technician: Arne Haijtink


27 february 2018 — Frascati, Amsterdam
28 february 2018 — Frascati, Amsterdam

1 march 2018 — Frascati, Amsterdam
2 march 2018 — De Harmonie Leeuwarden
4 march 2018 — Rotterdamse Schouwburg     matinee 15.00 u.
15 march 2018 — Parktheater Eindhoven
16 march 2018 — Theater Bouwkunde, Deventer
20 march 2018 — Purmaryn, Purmerend
21 march 2018 — Toneelschuur Haarlem
23 march 2018 — Theaters Tilburg

4 april 2018 — Stadsschouwburg Utrecht
7 april 2018 — Stadstheater Arnhem
21 april 2018 — Verkadefabriek, ’s-Hertogenbosch

1 may 2018 — Theater aan het Spui, Den Haag

15 june — De Rode Hoed / Bessensap, Amsterdam

10 september 2018 — Diligentia Den Haag (private)

11 november 2018 — Zaal C, Radboud Universiteit, at the International Science Film Festival Nijmegen.
18 november 2018  — Buitenplaats Doornburgh Maarssen (concertante version)
25 november 2018  — Buitenplaats Doornburgh Maarssen (concertante version)